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Thurston County has so much to offer Washingtonians, but why not experience it yourself and submit something that happens near home that people in the neighborhood need to know about? Whether it's a fun weekend planning, a public service project or a great business opportunity, just look at what's on your area's city planner calendar. Don't miss these events where local artists, musicians and other local businesses showcase their talents. If something happens near your home that you need to know, you need people from the neighborhood, why not file it today?

The annual in-house and garden show features hundreds of exhibitors, booths and demonstrations offering a wide range of products for the home and garden as well as tips and tricks for the garden. The 20th annual event will feature a variety of World War II, Korean and Vietnamese aircraft featuring the latest developments in aircraft design, technology, engineering, maintenance and repair. Among the special features is the unveiling of the Olympic Air and Space Museum's newest exhibit, "Olympic Air and Space: The Olympic Air & Space Museum." The Olympics, and host a special event to welcome collectors and dealers to show and sell their latest and best aircraft, equipment and equipment.

Proud is a weekend - a long gathering of friends and family that brings us together to celebrate our fabulous community. Pride serves as an annual celebration of our LGBTQ + and allied communities in the tri-state area and provides a great opportunity for family, friends, family and friends of all ages, genders, sexual orientation, race and gender. All enjoy the grounds of the University of Saint Martin for a day of fun, food, music, entertainment and fun for the whole family. Enjoy the USAT approved circuit with a variety of races for children and adults, as well as a wide range of activities for adults.

Since 1991, Capital City Pride has staged a parade and festival in downtown Olympia that has attracted nearly 15,000 people to its annual event.

State workers play an important role in the fight for LGBTQ rights and protection at work and in building LGBTQ competent services and practices. Olympics - The first small city festival to emerge from the relative safety of Seattle. It was no mistake that Capital City Pride has promoted a vibrant LGBTQ community in Olympia, promoted by a progressive college called Evergreen State College and organized by legions of LGBTQ and community-based activists. No other Pride celebration has emerged from a small town in Washington state, let alone Washington state.

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The region will host high school athletes from across the state competing in the WIAA golf tournament. This family-friendly cultural festival offers music and dance from around the world on three stages. The annual jazz festival takes place from 10 am to 5 pm. M. with lots of dancing. Nestled between the grassy slopes of Tumwater, more than 20,000 colourful eggs are waiting to be discovered.

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More About Tumwater