Tumwater Washington Nightlife

The crow's barbecue is a surprising little bar with a lot going on, but it's also one of my favorite places in town and a great place to hang out.

The wooden and brick bar is located in a former boiler room, which reminds of a speakeasy bar that was operated during Prohibition. On one side of the restaurant is a long counter with a neon sign that says "Recipe." The large windows at the entrance provide a great opportunity to showcase the two bars, one of which will be mixing handmade cocktails and pouring craft beer. Named after the Ford T that originally stood in the building, it features a few different types of draught beer and a selection of wines and spirits.

While people in Washington can be a little cool, I don't think you'll find any of that here in Tumwater. Mostly, these people are as cool as you'd see in the Deep South, if not cooler than New York.

Once again, I was merely complaining that buses for my liking tend to stop a bit earlier, especially at weekends. The nightlife is virtually non-existent - except for the departure - the evergreen stop through which they run.

The nightlife is mainly bars on 4th Avenue, and I've been to them a few times, but not much more than a few times last year.

I skipped the threadbare, lukewarm carnita tacos and went straight for the solid al Pastor tacos, served by one of the two food trucks parked on the patio. There was also a well attended Sunday brunch with breakfast tacos with pretty chilaquiles, but I skipped that and saw a lot of good food and a good selection of craft beer and wine. They could also stay open late at night, if I remember correctly, until late at night and even until early in the morning.

The Reef is a good place to get late-night food, and the menu is available at the back of the bar.

Here you will not only find a wide selection of beer and wine, but also some good food, especially the rich ham and rocket cake. You will enjoy pairing up with the beer for which this bar has become famous, such as pints and Pilsners. With a rotating tap system, you can enjoy a new and exciting pint every time you visit this pub.

I think that's because I grew up in Atlanta for 20 years and lived here in Oly for 15, but I had a lot of fun nights at Jakes on 4th Ave. I can even remember the old Thekla days of that time and I think this is one of the best places in town to enjoy a great beer and food.

As a girl who has seen too many episodes of Cheers, I can testify that the allure of a neighbourhood bar makes you go up in flames like a moth. With a meaning associated with the speakeasies that were popular secret places during Prohibition, and an interior that recalls the brave and unruly Bebe, El Gaucho's is a dimly lit bar that allows you to experience elegance in a whole new way. The gothic nature of the joint is enhanced by the eerie red lights and decorated with gargoyles and statues, the crypt is the perfect place to stay on your toes, lose time and spend an entire evening there.

In recent years, there have been more different bars in the bar, but for the most part it is still your average sports bar. Theoretically, it has a bar with stalls and bartenders serving a wide range of drinks as well as a wide selection of beer and wine.

But as far as drinking goes, there are not one but two different bars, and I drank at both. The bar on the upper floor offers a wide selection of beers and wines, as well as a variety of food and drinks. I had a fried bologna sandwich, a beer and a glass of wine, plus a few pints of beer. Death in the Afternoon is served in the downstairs bar, which is made with herbal tea, sugar and dry champagne.

Wooten owns the Phantom rabbit farm, and he led me into the kitchen and provided me with a glass of Dynes, a barrel of aged mezcal negroni. The Taperia offers a wide selection of beers at rotating taps, as well as bottles and cans that you can buy to take away and enjoy on site. All brews were competent and good - well rounded, but the beer, wine, spirits and food in the tavern are all excellent.

The list of awards and accolades is almost as long as the menu, and you get a sense of the diversity of the people who live in Olympia. Most of Olympia borders on the state government, so we have a huge population of workers who are settling in.

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More About Tumwater