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If you want to spend the summer in Olympia, Washington, you have to find a place to swim. The tax-friendly Olympia Washington community is located at the southern tip of Puget Sound and is a great place to retreat.

Outdoor recreation is plentiful in Olympia, Washington, including hiking, camping, biking, fishing and mountain biking. For a day tour, visit Mount Rainier National Park and hike to enjoy the day. Lake Lois is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Washington State and offers a wide range of wildlife including bald eagles, deer and squirrels.

One of our favorite places to see the animals is the zoo and aquarium here, which is pretty impressive. A special feature of the aquarium is that it is built in such a way that you can see what is going on underwater in Seattle. Of course, indoor water parks are rain-proof, which can be crucial when visiting the Pacific Northwest.

The Olympic National Forest is a must - see, and you'll find lush greenery all year round, from flowering rhododendrons to wildflowers to the lush grasslands of the Pacific Northwest. The rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula is full of beautiful walks that take your breath away. They offer overnight stays, horse riding at Mima Falls, salmon watching at McLane Creek, hiking trails and more.

The park offers several attractions, including river hikes, fishing and waterfalls, and is open daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. There is a 1.5-mile, 1.5-meter path through the park provided by the Washington State Patrol. The park is also open in the summer months from August to October from 9 am to 5 pm. Enjoy scenic views of Puget Sound and Olympic National Forest, as well as a variety of scenic hiking and walking trails.

Visitors can enjoy this extraordinary site all year round: Tumwater Falls Park, which offers 15 hectares of public land near the waterfalls. If you like to be on the water, take a boat or enjoy a kayak trip, as well as hiking or paddling along the river.

If you have no time or money for whale watching, the ferries from Bremerton to Seattle are a good way to get to the water, as you have a good view of Puget Sound and the city of Seattle in the distance. You can also walk up and down the river to enjoy the views of Tumwater Falls, which you can best enjoy from the Seattle skyline at the top of Lake Washington, just a few blocks away.

Capital Aeroporter can help you reach one of these locations, or offer you a ride to a large hotel in Olympia if you are looking for a shuttle service to Seatac for Olympia. There are also Olympia shuttles, which also offer rides to all the major hotels around Olympia for a fraction of the cost.

The Capitol Campus also houses monuments and artworks, and the facility offers regular activities to keep residents active and engaged in the community. Capitol Campus, Capitol Hill, Puget Sound Park, Capitol Building and Capitol Square are all within a short drive, so shuttle services are an easy and affordable way to explore the Pacific Northwest. Capital Aeroporter provides the shuttle service to Seatac Airport and is a state-certified transportation company that has served Olympia since 1972. A serpentine ride down the hillside rewards you with a picturesque view of the Olympia skyline and a scenic view of the Columbia River Gorge.

I've never ridden a mountain bike, and frankly I'm not a mountain biker, but after some research, it seems that the beaches of Puget Sound in West Washington are my favorites. Again, this is not the most popular destination for mountain bikers in Washington state, so be warned: it's not for everyone.

Although not as big as Snoqualmie Falls, the waterfalls are very beautiful, and the hike makes the adventure even more fun. Twin Falls and Wallace Falls are great options if you're looking for a hike to a waterfall.

Along the way, you can see downtown Olympia and the capital building, and travelers can admire the view of the Capitol Dome from the expressway. Otherwise, Olympia often gets lost on the roads to the south, but the view from Olympia to the mountains to the west makes this area a perfect destination for excursions. Eat a bite at one of the many restaurants along the way, such as the Washington State Fair or Olympia Market.

I spent a lot of time visiting one of my best friends and I must say that I have never experienced the city completely before. Although it is only a short drive from Portland or Seattle, there is so much to Olympia that it is often overlooked, especially because it is so close to Portland.

If you wish you had more time to explore, here are some fantastic things you can do in Olympia, Washington here are some of them. Olympia WA is full of great sights and natural attractions, including the Olympia Performing Arts Center, Olympic National Park and many more. The famous Elis Cove Trail offers even deeper explorations than the city of Olympia itself. You can enjoy the scenery on a nearly 45-mile route from Olympia to Lacey, Tumwater, Tenino and Yelm, passing through scenic views of Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains and Columbia River Gorge.

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